Araminta Amabel

Northwestern University
Office Lunt B19
Department of Mathematics
2033 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208

About me

I am an NSF postdoctoral fellow and Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. I was previously a graduate student at MIT working with Michael Hopkins. I graduated in May 2022.

I mostly think about factorization algebras and their relationships with quantum field theory, elliptic genera, operads, and deformation quantization.

A copy of my CV (last updated Fall 2023).


Genera from an algebraic index theorem for supermanifolds. April 2022.

Deformation quantization for supermanifolds via Gelfand-Kazhdan descent. Oct. 2021.

Poincaré/Koszul duality for general operads. Published version in Homology, Homotopy, and Applications. Oct. 2019.


Differential cohomology: categories, characteristic classes, and connections. Joint with Arun Debray and Peter Haine, Sept. 2021

Lectures on factorization homology, ∞-categories, and topologial field theories. Published version in SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics. Contributor with Artem Kalmykov, and Lukas Müller. Authored by Hiro Lee Tanaka, summer 2019.


Notes on factoriztion algebras and TQFTS. July 2023.

Hatcher's proof of the Smale Conjecture. Notes on Hatcher's paper. These were written for a course taught by Alexander Kupers, fall 2017.

and from when I was a little undergraduate:

Exotic spheres. Notes on Kervarie and Milnor's paper. This is my undergraduate senior thesis, written at Northwestern under John Francis, spring 2017.

The oriented cobordism ring. Notes on the computation of the oriented cobordism ring. These were written for the UChicago REU under the guidance of Peter May, summer 2016.


Multivariable Differential Calculus for Engineering, Fall 2023.

Series and Multiple Integrals, Fall 2023.

18.095 Mathematics Lecture Series TA, Winter 2021.

18.01 Calculus TA, Fall 2020.


Below is a list of learning seminars I have helped organize. Some of the seminar websites have notes for some of the seminar talks.

Juvitop: Factorization Algebras and the Quantum Noether Theorem. organized with Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj , fall 2021.

Juvitop: The Galois Action on Symplectic K-Theory. organized with Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj and Lucy Yang, spring 2021.

Juvitop: The Cobordism Hypothesis. organized with Lucy Yang, fall 2020.

Juvitop: Chromatic Homotopy Theory. organized with Morgan Opie and Lucy Yang, spring 2020.

Juvitop: Differential Cohomology. organized with Peter Haine, fall 2019.

Juvitop: Moduli Spaces of Manifolds. organized with Morgan Opie and Lucy Yang, spring 2019.

Miniature Seminar on Factorization Homology. organized with Peter Haine, winter 2019.